What's in a Name? The story behind Precision Technology Services

Each element of the Precision Technology Services name has it’s own special meaning.

Precision Technology ICD Scleral with DMV

In The Beginning

Precision Technology Services came to life in the late 1980’s. The company’s founder, Bob Heavyside, wanted the name of his company to reflect its mission. All three words in our name represent a tenant of what we are consistently working to achieve each day. 


In the world of contact lens manufacturing, consistency, or precision, is key. If we cut 30 copies of the same lens, we want each and every one of those lenses to be indistinguishable from the others. We work toward achieving this goal by following strict quality standards. The end result is a product that arrives to your office that matches exactly what you’ve asked for.  


At the time of creation, Bob wanted to PTS to be a leader and innovator in the contact lens manufacturing business. By being an early adopter of new technologies and working on new lens designs, Precision Technology established itself in the market. Today, we continue to add new technologies to our tried-and-true manufacturing processes to create a better product. We also bring the latest technology to our customers with products like the BE Free Ortho K cloud-based platform and the Medmont meridia Advanced Topographer.


 A company without a reliable and knowledge customer service and support team isn’t much of a company at all. Many of our team members have been with us for over a decade and involved in the specialty GP contact lens industry for longer. We truly are a family business with siblings, parents, and children all working alongside one another.  And just like with your real family, if you spend enough time with us, there are bound to be obstacles we must overcome together. We relish these opportunities. These are the moments when we are able to make customers part of our family.