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Your path to specialty eye care begins here.

Whether it’s myopia management, dry eye, or specialty contact lenses, the Medmont meridia has the tools you need to succeed.

Legendary Performance. New Look.

Over the last 30 years, Medmont corneal topographers have earned a reputation for their reliability and accuracy. The new Medmont meridia™ carries on the legacy by continuing to offer gold-standard topography critical to specialty contact lens fitting and orthokeratology in addition to a new anterior segment imaging suite to meet all your practice needs. 

Beautiful White Light Photography

The Medmont meridia™ professional model features a suite of anterior segment diagnostics including a diffuse white light capture mode. The unparalleled depth of focus and image quality allows you to easily evaluate the fit of various types of contact lenses, document chronic lid disease such as blepharitis, or track progression of ocular surface disease by evaluating conjunctival injection and lissamine green staining. 

Detailed Sodium Fluorescein Imaging

NaFl is a critical tool for evaluating the ocular surface in many different conditions. From contact lens fitting to diagnostic testing, ECPs rely on the subtle clues this simple dye gives to make important clinical decisions. The Medmont meridia cobalt blue light source is optimized for exciting fluorescein molecules and providing detailed, evenly exposed images and videos for patient education and documentation. 

Quick and Easy Meibography

Meibomian gland health has quickly become recognized as one of the most important factors when it comes to ocular surface disease. It’s very rare to manage an OSD patient that doesn’t have some degree of MGD. The small profile of the Medmont meridia allows for easy lid manipulation and efficient gland captures. The result is a priceless patient education resource to help improve treatment compliance. Remember, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Integration = Fit Efficiency

The Medmont meridia™ and Studio 7 software are already integrated with lens desgin software like the BE FREE orthokeratology lens design cloud system, EyeSpace™, and many more. Spend less time exporting and uploading maps to different applications and more time in front your patients. New integrations between medmont and various lens manufacturers are being added all the time. As a result, the instruments will grow more powerful over time.

Two different meridia models. Same gold-standard accuracy.

See the Medmont meridia in action.

Watch as Randy Kojima gives us a short introduction to the benefits of the Medmont meridia.

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