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MOONLENS   is a NEW Orthokeratology Lens System for Modern Myopia Management.  With a unique, novel lens design, MOONLENS features a proprietary algorithm allowing micro-customization in 1 micron steps. It includes a convenient fitting process which uses a convenient online MOONLENS calculator to select the initial lens parameters. Each lens is individually constructed with a high degree of customization to provide the specific size, shape, and effect based on the patient’s age, refraction, topography and visual needs for an optimal fit.

MOONLENS was developed from the expertise of the KATT Design Group, an international consortium of researchers, clinicians, educators, and contact lens industry experts.  Collectively, the group shares decades of experience in orthokeratology lens study, patient fitting, design and manufacturing.      View Brochure

The BE FREE™ Advanced Ortho K Lens System is a new evolution in myopia management with a software driven design.  This empirically ordered lens requires corneal topography shape information along with the VID and Rx.  Fitting software is used to construct the initial custom order and optimize the results when modifications are necessary.  The BE FREE allows for low, moderate and high myopia cases.  Additionally, it can employ smaller optical zones to target better myopia management in kids or larger OZs for better adult vision especially at night.

Any BE FREE design can be constructed in a toric back surface for higher corneal astigmatism cases for better centration.  This single design offers practitioners a comprehensive Orthokeratology system for a wide range of patient types.  Patient range: Myopia ≤5.00 and Astigmatism ≤1.50.        View Brochure

The BE Retainer is an Orthokeratology lens design built entirely from corneal topography data.  It features a robust fitting software that predicts good from bad Ortho K candidates prior to treatment.  This same fitting software helps construct the initial trial lenses, guides the practitioner through the initial custom lens selection and can aid in problem solving and lens optimization.  Along with a 25 lens fitting set, the BE Retainer offers a systematic, logical and software driven system which is ideal for new Orthokeratologists.  Patient range: Myopia ≤-5.00 and mild Astigmatism.  View Brochure

The BOSLOW system is an Orthokeratology lens design that allows practitioners to order lenses empirically.  With only the K’s or topography, VID and the Rx, we can send you a lens to begin the treatment.   This is an empirically ordered design with a high first fit success rate.  Our consultants are here to guide practitioners through the fitting process to optimize patients results.  This design is ideal for practitioners looking for a system that allows them to simply order lenses from corneal and Rx data without any upfront costs of software or fitting sets.  Patient range: Myopia ≤-5.00 and mild Astigmatism. View Brochure