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Gas Permeable Lenses

Precision Technology and Cardinal Contact Lens specialize in GP lenses and develop own line of custom products for virtually any need.  Whether it’s single vision GP or toric lenses, multifocal, keratoconus and post surgical, myopia control, orthokeratology or scleral, we provide the most current and cutting edge options for your patients.  Our core goals are to provide all of our product with quality finishing, warranty, support and training.

ICD FLEXFIT Scleral Design: The ICD FLEXFIT is a unique all-in-one scleral lens system.  Available in two standard diameters 16.3mm and 14.8mm, both the irregular and normal corneas can be managed.  The ICD FLEXFIT offers a wide range of options to customize the lens based on the demands of the individual case, Rx or shape of the cornea or sclera.  With one diagnostic set and one philosophy of fit, the ICD FLEXFIT scleral lens will be your most valuable problem solving and life altering contact lens tool in your practice.

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KBA Keratoconus Lens: The Acronym “KBA” stands for “Keratoconus Bi-Aspheric” which is a corneal GP for the diseased, post surgical and irregular eye.  This revolutionary lens employs a high aspheric back surface throughout the posterior side of the lens to best align with the high asphericities seen in the keratoconic and abnormal eye.  Then the front surface includes a compensating asphere to neutralize the high eccentricity on the back and create sharp vision for patients.  This larger, 10.2mm diameter, bi-ashperic design is lens of first choice for the challenging corneas that present to the practice.

The Apex Multifocal is a corneal GP developed by Precision and Cardinal for your presbyopic patients.  It employs the unique back surface of the PC-IV design but with front add designed to deliver the add at the specific pupil diameter of your patient.  Employing the comfort of the PC-IV back surface with the optimized distance, intermediate and near optics of the front surface, the Apex Multifocal offers your patients an exceptional solution for presbyopia.  View Brochure

The TriAdd Multi-focal GP is a multi-zonal, posterior sphere that works through a combination of simultaneous vision and translation. By utilizing zones of spherical radii rather than asphericity to achieve reading power, we are able to govern the power of each zone independently. Each zone is transitioned to the next utilizing an aspheric filet curve to achieve a truly progressive power effect. View Brochure

The PC-IV is a single vision corneal GP lens developed by Precision and Cardinal.  It employs a proprietary and unique aspheric optical zone to better distribute its landing on the aspheric nature of the normal cornea.  Coupled with a larger diameter, this design is easy to fit, forgiving and improves initial adaptation.  The PC-IV should be your lens of first choice for corneal GP patients.  View Brochure