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Boston Solutions

Boston – Boston Advance Cleaner removes debris and deposits from your GP lenses, leaving your lenses clean, clear, and ready for Step 2 – disinfection and conditioning. Boston Advance Cleaner is visibly tinted for faster rinsing. The Red Tip on the cleaner bottle indicates that the cleaner is not to be put in the eye.

Boston Advance Conditioning Solution dual disinfecting system delivers excellent protection against harmful microorganisms and includes a patented cushioning system to soothe your eyes and provide lens wearing comfort.

Boston SimplusMulti-Action Solution offers the ultimate in convenience. The one-bottle daily gas permeable (GP) lens care system that not only cleans, rinses, disinfects and conditions GP contact lenses, but also removes protein daily. With Boston SIMPLUS Solution there is no evening rub care regimen — just rub and rinse prior to lens wear. Performance and convenience for today’s active gas permeable contact lens wearer.

Boston – Boston Liquid Enzym Cleaner offers …..


Progent- Menicon Progent is a weekly protein remover, disinfectant and intensive cleaner compatible with all GP contact lenses.  To ensure excellent comfort and prolong the life of your GP lenses, it is recommended to remove proteins with Menicon Progent weekly. Progent is a solution particularly recommended for cleaning and removing proteins from the surface of the lens by simply soaking them in the mixture for only 30 minutes.  Strong and rapid disinfection in 5 minutes against all the organisms likely to contaminate lenses, including bacteria, molds, yeasts, viruses and Ancanthamoeba trophozoites and cysts.

Thera Tears

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