Isosol - A new tool for mid-day fogging

We’re proud to introduce Isosol as a PTS & CCL exclusive product to help in the fight against cloudy scleral lenses.

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Seeing Through the Fog

If you fit scleral lenses, you have patients that struggle with lens fogging. Particulate accumulation in the post lens tear layer is one of the most common problems scleral lens wearers experience on a day to day basis. In a 2019 survey of international scleral lens fitters, 84.8% said mid-day fogging is an issue their patients deal with. Unfortunately, the management strategy that most fitters employ is cumbersome. Nearly half of all fitters recommend removing the lenses, cleaning them, and reapplying. Not a very convenient solution to the problem. But up until now, it was the best option.

A Solution Solution

The root cause of scleral lens fogging is still, pardon the pun, cloudy. It is likely a combination of factors that may include ocular surface inflammation due to saline irritation or a reduction in oxygen transmission to the ocular surface. If part of the fogging issue for some patients is due to post lens saline irritation, a more biocompatible solution may help.

That’s where Isosol comes in. Isosol is a 0.9% saline formula enriched with potassium, calcium and magnesium to make its composition more similar to that of the natural human tear film. Recent studies suggest that this formula resulted in better image quality (less fogging) for keratoconic and post keratoplasty patients wearing scleral lenses compared to sterile saline solutions without electrolytes after six hours of wear. If you have patients that struggle with mid-day fogging in the post lens tear layer, Isosol has the potential to improve their scleral lens wear experience.

Getting Isosol into your Practice

Isosol is available for purchase by eye care providers in Canada through either Precision Technology Services or Cardinal Contact Lens. Supplies are limited. Contact either orders@ptsoptics.com or orders@cardinalcontactlens.com for more information.

Scleral lens wearers should contact their Canadian eye care provider to find out how they can get access to Isosol.